Sistemas Heurísticos

Software in intranet environment for the information control in Safety, Hygiene, Health and Human Resources areas

With access from anywhere on the intranet, you get graphical and numerical indicators, and allows immediate reports to track the preventive and corrective areas involved

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Provide Computer tools for EHS to help us organize and structure information, standardizing criteria, exploiting information (statistics, pareto, reports, queries, etc.)., optimizing the accessibility and confidentiality, controlling information risks inherent in the activities of the company, setting goals based on their classification.

occupational health

  • Daily care
  • Control of Materials and Medication
  • Administrative handling
  • IMSS - Mexican Social Security Institute
  • Medical evaluations for Workstation
  • Medical Records and Cards
  • Dental care
  • Clinical Tests
  • Periodic evaluations
  • Hearing and respiratory protection

industrial safety

  • Event notification to supervisors, managements and direction as needed
  • Follow-up actions and sending of emails for those responsible for commitments
  • Control of personal protection equipment
  • Analysis of events with the methodologies of 5 Why's, Ishikawa, total lost Monitoring
  • Ergonomics evaluations
  • Safety inspections

industrial hygiene

  • Documents MSDS
  • Risk Factors
  • Workplace monitoring
  • Risk Mapping
  • Dangerous Materials
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Risk reports

human resources

  • Import staff information from HR databases
  • Export data to other areas
  • Training and coaching

support and training

Sistemas heurísticos provides technical support through our telephone lines:
      +52 (844) 439-3930
      +52 (844) 439-3931
We offer training programs specially designed to meet the new users learning needs in skype